Číslizvuk / Doe / Kudla

“Číslizvuk” is the name of the modular synthesizer that was created at the Prague Radio and Television Research Institute in 1977. For the engineer Miroslav Kasper it was the first task after he had fininished his studies, without having seen any documentation of other modular synths. The machine was originally about to be called “Digitsound”, but the English version of the name did not go through.

In the commissioned festival performance, one of the three existing devices will be played by Jano Doe, the music moniker of the curator Katarina Gatialova who has also taken part in the re-acquisition and repair of this machine. Most of the time she performs solo on his own DIY modular synth or as a member of the live coding group Kolektiv. The live visual component of the performance will be taken care of by the Prague based artist Adéla Kudlová.

The audiovisual performance will be premiered at the NEXT festival and was comissioned by A4 in the framework of the Re-Imagine Europe project with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.