The Necks

Often compared to German krautrock legends Faust and Can, labelled as post, trance, hypno or ambient jazz, The Necks have released more than twenty albums and their sound is an enduring hammer that smashes jazz lethargy. The Australian export trio is an example of three decades lasting virtuosity without limits, whose poetics captivates a wide audience. Tony Buck (drums), Lloyd Swanton (double bass) and Chris Abrahams (piano) – they all belong to the cream of international improvisers. Their impromptu compositions draw on the minimal music tradition and their concerts are often structured around a simple, recurrent melody, gradually reworked in a complex and hypnotic monumentality. They transform ambient chamber sound into a monolithic wall of an intensity not unsimilar to the music produced by Swans, yet in the acoustic domain. The Slovak premiere of The Necks – celebration of the band’s anniversary – will most definitely be one of the highlights of NEXT and of this year’s autumn concert season in general.