Visionist + Pedro Maia

South London post-club electronic music visionary with a fitting moniker Visionist made himself visible with two EPs released in 2013 on the Lit City Trax label. His minimalistic version of deconstructed R&B and liquid grime quickly found its way to PAN label. Metallic samples, ice-cold soundscapes and a cappella fragments on his album Safe allude to the themes of mental illness and comfort zones. His new album recently released on Big Dada record label moves his characteristic sound to even more abstract levels, combining frantic noise loops with neurotic changes of tempo and structure. The visual aspect will be taken care of by Portuguese artist Pedro Maia, who works mostly around the concept of analogue cinema, exploring the possibilities of live manipulation of the image. Maia has worked for renowned musicians, such as Vessel, Fennesz, Demdike Stare or Shxcxchcxsh, and has presented his visuals at numerous festivals: Sonar, Atonal, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Mutek, etc.