Zsolt Sőrés: Soundwalk – Citywalk – Walkscape (On the way of the Adamčiak – Cage roads and corners)

The sound based intermedia piece is an hommage to the great Slovak experimental music composer and intermedia artist Milan Adamčiak (1946-2017), one of the key figures of contemporary music and sound art in East Europe. Based on Adamčiak’s graphic score Chodecké kusy (Walker’s Pieces, 2001) and his two unpublished collages called Vandrovné roky (Wanderer Years, 1962), Hungarian musican and artist Zsolt Sőrés creates a virtual sound travel through significant public places in Bratislava. One of the main inspiration for Adamčiak was John Cage: when he was in Perugia in 1992, he was asked by John Cage to perform in his intermedia music composition Music Walk (1958). Referring to this historical context, Zsolt is focusing on the ”music & poetry” aspects of the soundwalk in time, and „the sound of the space” in space as well. The soundwalk will be a reminiscence both of the past, present and a possible future not as just a sound- and music piece but a possibility of the new relationship between us and our personal, public and urban environment.

The work was created during an artist residency at A4, supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

Bring your smartphones, earphones and DOWNLOAD the recording.

Date and time: Saturday 25.11., 16.00
Meeting point: In front of Centrálna Klubovňa, Krížna 64 (Entrance Metodova)
Duration: 45 minutes

Download the RECORDING