Workshop: Fielding w. Till Bovermann

Venue: Mini Art Gallery, YMCA, 1st Floor
Time: Friday 12:00-18:00, Saturday 10:00-16:00
Presentation/Performance/Installation: Saturday 16:00

The workshop builds on and extends Fielding, a platform intended to facilitate inter-species music making developed by Till Bovermann for his Sonic Wilderness Interventions. Non-human performers influence Fielding by means of environmental sensors built into the nodes, whereas human performers shape its sonic qualities structurally by forming sentences of a sonic alphabet.
By using their laptops as nodes of a local Fielding network, participants of the workshop will get insights in how to co-create artificial soundscapes for found (un-)locations by means of textual and gestural interfaces.

Since this workshop relies partially on livecoding techniques in Steno language based on SuperCollider, basic knowledge about software sound synthesis (e.g. Max/MSP, Pd or SuperCollider) is recommended although not required.

Till Bovermann, living and working in Helsinki and Berlin, received his PhD from Bielefeld University. He initiated and worked for the DEIND project (music instruments for people with autistic spectrum disorder, Aalto University) and 3DMIN (designing new musical instruments, UdK Berlin). Till was Resident Artist at IEM Graz and iii/Den Haag where he developed “Fielding” (2017), a livecoding platform for inter-species music making.
In his artwork, Till re-contectualises natural phenomena like wind, growth and motion with the intent to shift the spectators’ experiences. Works include “Anemos Sonore” (2011/2012), “Chip interpretations” (with Dave Griffiths, 2012) and public beehive concerts (in collaboration with Melliferopolis, 2013/2016).

To bring (per participant):
– Laptop with installed SuperCollider
– Webcam (either built-in or external)
– Headphones